Eggs on Toast (V)  · eier auf toast (V)

Eggs poached, scrambled or fried on sourdough bread


– GF or Keto bread + $1.00 -


Creamy mushrooms (V) · SahnepilzE (V)

Mushrooms, creamy sauce and egg on sourdough bread


– GF or Keto bread + $1.00 –

    - Vegan option + $3.00 -


German breakfast plate · Deutscher Fruehstuecksteller

German cold cuts, sliced cheese, sourdough, roll with butter and jam


– GF or Keto bread + $1.00 –



BAVARIAN: 2 Weisswurst (white veil/pork sausage), pretzel and salad


SWABIAN: 2 Frankfurter (pork), pretzel and salad



tradies plate · handwerkerteller

Bavarian fine meatloaf (Fleisckkäse) on sourdough with fried eggs


– GF or Keto bread + $1.00 –


Bircher MuEsli

Muesli, seasonal fresh fruit, yoghurt, milk, berry compote


– vegan option with coconut yoghurt + $2.00 –


Big German breakfast for 2

Vienna bratwurst, roasted tomato, Bavarian fine meatloaf and egg on sourdough, creamy mushrooms on sourdough, croissant, German roll, jam, nutella, cheese and German cold cuts



Keto breakfast (V)

Egg tart with onions, tomatoes and spinach, beetroot relish on the side with Keto bread and butter




★Available after 11.30am



Soup of the day (Veg) · Tagessuppe (VEG). ★

Homemade fresh vegetable soup with sourdough bread


with sausage


– GF or Keto bread + $1.00 –


German MAC’N Cheese  · Käsespätzle. ★

Homemade German style soft egg noodles with cheese, onions and green salad



Bratwurstplate  · Bratwurstteller. ★

Nürnberger bratwurst (pork) with sauerkraut and German potato salad



German style pizza  · flammkuchen. ★

Thin pizza like base with sour cream, onions, bacon and cheese



Venison burger with fried potatoes  · Hirsch Burger mit bratkartoffeln. ★

Venison patty in a homemade burger bun, pickled red onions, baby spinach, beetroot relish, ketchup, tomato, Emmentaler cheese and fried potatoes



Meatloaf roll  · leberkäsbrötchen

Bavarian fine meatloaf in a German roll with mustard


– fried egg + $2.50 –




Any German bratwurst in a roll with mustard


– Sauerkraut + $1.00 –


·       Fried potatoes $7.00 ★                  ·   Potato Salad or sauerkraut $4.00

·       Bacon or Nürnberger $5.00.          ·   Bread (Sourdough/Focaccia/Gluten

free/Keto) $3.00

·       Ham $4.00                                 ·   Egg $2.50


       Last order for kitchen:

2.00 pm Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat – 7.00 pm Fri

We use only free range egg

Our kitchen handles gluten, dairy and allergens. We are very careful but there can be small traces in all meals!


Hochland Coffee supplies us with excellent coffee and teas. With their rich dark roast sourced from Costa Rica and African highland regions, their coffee is a one-of-a-kind bean in New Zealand. Hailing from our home town of Stuttgart, Germany, Hochland have over 80 years experience in making coffee. If you want to try it for yourself, come in for a cup or pick up one of our bags of pre-ground coffee to brew your own. Beyond coffee, we also have a wide variety of teas, hot chocolates (including white), matcha, chai and more.


If you wish to make a reservation for a larger group or private event please either call us on (09) 2189501, email us at or pop into the cafe.